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Press Release

29 March 2023
Source: Prostarter


Following are the official announcements by the team Prostarter about change in leadership and sharing future plans for the Prostarter community.

Tallin, Estonia March 29, 2023 — Prostarter is announcing a change in our leadership, with Amir Ahmed stepping down as the CEO and is no longer a part of Prostarter. This decision has been made in the best interest of the Prostarter community and will lead to our platform’s continued growth and success.

Amir Ahmed has left Prostarter in launch days of the project with intentions to come back and continue Prostarter operations. In Amir’s absence, Muhammad Ahsan took charge to lead the team and proceed with all the daily operations of Prostarter until Amir comes back. After several months of launch, Amir approached the tier 2 team to inform them that he has no intentions to come back and continue with Prostarter. Amir has left on the terms that he will not be a part of Prostarter operations in any capacity and has nothing to do with funds or any share in Prostarter.

We’d like to assure our Prostarter community that Amir doesn’t own any team $PROT tokens nor he has any access to $PROT liquidity, only he was able to take some amount of stable tokens (USDTs) raised in the community round. After Amir Ahmed left, the team kept working on the promise and commitment to deliver top-quality IDOs for the community.

Today, we are excited to announce Muhammad Ahsan as the new CEO of Prostarter. He has been an exceptional leader during Amir’s absence and worked hard to deliver what was committed with the community. Muhammad Ahsan has vast experience working with blockchain startups and dApps. His expertise in the blockchain and crypto space will be invaluable as we are coming up with Prostarter 2.0 to revolutionize the landscape of Web 3.0. He is committed to introducing new opportunities and features for the blockchain and crypto community and we look forward to seeing his leadership drive us forward.

The team under Ahsan’s leadership has always believed in the potential of Prostarter to bring opportunities to our community. We are dedicated to providing unexplored and professional Web 3 opportunities for our Prostarter community. With Ahsan leading from the front, we are confident that we will continue to grow and evolve.

We also assure our community that the Prostarter team had nothing nor will have anything to do with projects or companies Amir Ahmed is associated with in any capacity. Moreover, all $PROT liquidity will be locked by the end of the month following calculations.

Another update we would like to share with our community is that from now on, new CEO Muhammad Ahsan will be coming live on Youtube and other social platforms regularly to bring new updates along with addressing community concerns. Team is committed to make the trust bond more stronger than ever between the community and Prostarter.

We want to thank our community for their support and trust in Prostarter, we believe that nothing should be hidden from our community. We are confident that Muhammad Ahsan will continue to provide innovative opportunities to our Prostarter community. Team is aiming to bring more features and a sustainable decentralized ecosystem in Prostarter 2.0 for our community to build a healthy future in Web 3.0

Prostarter 2.0 is around the corner and the team is about to present Prostarter 2.0 to the community in the upcoming days. One thing is for sure, the community is about to love Prostarter 2.0.

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