Community Suggestions Now Open

2 min readAug 1, 2022

Prostarter is a community-centric IDO launchpad so now every community member is open to giving his suggestions to team Prostarter.

For the last few months, team Prostarter has been consistently reviewing IDO applications to bring high-quality and professional projects to the community. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of projects & market situation, the team didn’t launch any project in the last few months. However, Prostarter is still accepting IDO applications and is committed to bringing quality projects to our community.

Open Suggestions by Community

As everyone knows Prostarter is a community-centric launchpad, unlike other launchpads which is why now the Prostarter team is welcoming suggestions from our community. We believe that our community helps us make better decisions and bring more reliable & quality projects for the people. Team Prostarter believes in Ethereum but we are still open to any suggestions including a cross-chain bridge or any other. Team Prostarter is committed to working with the community for the betterment of your very own launchpad Prostarter

You can submit your suggestions by filling out this form :

Please make sure to submit a healthy and constructive suggestion for the betterment of your very own launchpad Prostarter.

About Prostarter

Prostarter is a community-centric and cross-chain IDO launchpad offering projects fundraising, token sales, and many other opportunities for the Crypto community. Cross-chain IDOs, Live Whitelisting, and One Time KYC are some of the core features that make Prostarter a transparent launchpad platform.

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ProStarter is a professional and transparent DeFi launchpad offering token sales, NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and much more for the Crypto community. #PROT