Every IDO Schedule on Prostarter

Have a look at the detailed schedule of every IDO that gets launched on Prostarter Launchpad. 🚀

IDO Schedule on Prostarter

We at Prostarter always make sure to take things in an optimized and proper way to let our community stay updated. We go through different activities and phases whenever any IDO gets launched on Prostarter. So, let’s have a look at the phases we go through to host an IDO on our Prostarter launchpad.

IDO Schedule on Prostarter

1- IDO Project Scrutiny

Team of Prostarter having blockchain and technical experts go through all IDO project applications and finalize the one that meets our requirements. We at Prostarter make sure that every IDO project we decide to launch is unique and has solid potential to grow in the market.

2- IDO Announcement

After finalizing IDO and official matters, we officially announce the upcoming IDO that is about to launch on the Prostarter launchpad. We publish IDO announcements on our Medium blog to share them further on our different social channels like Twitter and Telegram.

3- Open Whitelisting Application

After finalizing official matters, we announce that we are opening IDO whitelisting applications for anyone who wants to participate in that IDO. Here are the following details that we share with our Prostarter community with this announcement.

  • Whitelisting Application Closing Date
  • Live Whitelisting Date
  • Total Token Allocation
  • Price per token
  • Max individual allocation
  • Min individual allocation
  • % Allocations for $PROT Pool
  • % Allocations for Public Pool and other IDO details.

Until whitelisting application gets closed, everyone can participate in the IDO announced by the Prostarter.

*$PROT Holders will have more chances of getting whitelisted in every IDO launching on Prostarter.

4- AMA Session on Telegram

Meanwhile whitelisting application is open, we announce the AMA that we are going to host for the IDO Project on our Prostarter telegram. We believe that every community member must be familiar with the IDO project and all of his questions must be answered. Following this concern, we invite the IDO Project’s representative to answer all of the questions of our Twitter and Telegram community.

Along with the AMA announcement, we also share the requirements that users have to fulfill in order to participate in the AMA. We choose 10 winners based on the questions they ask about the project in AMA. All 10 winners will get $20 as an AMA reward as the AMA session comes to end.

5- Quiz Competition

Following the AMA session, we announce the Quiz competition for our community to test their knowledge about the announced IDO Project on Prostarter. Quiz competition is one of the important activities that bring more interest among the community to support and know more about the IDO project.

In the IDO quiz competition announcement on Prostarter social channels, we provide different requirements and questions form that community has to fulfill in order to participate in the quiz. At the end of the quiz competition, we select 10 winners based on their correct answers and activity on given requirements. We reward every winner $20 as the quiz competition comes to end and winners are announced on Prostarter social channels.

6- Whitelilsting Application Closed

As the date comes, we will announce that whitelisting application is closed now along with providing live whitelisting. No one will be able to participate or apply for the IDO project after whitelisting applications are closed.

7- Live IDO Whitelisting

We will announce live IDO whitelisting on our all social channels. Every participant will be able to watch live IDO whitelisting on the Prostarter official website. Everyone will be able to experience live IDO whitelisting on their screens. For more information, read Prostarter IDO Live Whitelisting Process on Medium.

8- IDO Winners Announcement

After live IDO whitelisting comes to end, we announce the IDO winners by uploading the list of winners in sheet on our Prostarter social channels and by sending emails to the respective IDO winners.

9- Pool Open for Winners (48 Hours)

We will open the IDO pool open for every winner to connect their wallet and buy their IDO allocation on the Prostarter website following the instructions. Winners will have 48 hours to buy their allocation and submit their KYC as well. Remember that getting KYC verified is required to participate in the IDO on Prostarter.

10- Pool Open for Everyone

In case the IDO pool won’t get filled and there are some allocation spots remaining in the pool which is a very rare case, we will open the IDO pool for everyone. We will announce that pool is open for everyone and it’s a First Come First Serve. The IDO pool will be closed as the remaining allocation spots get filled.

After completion of IDO, project officials announce their token listing date and exchange they are going to list their token on. Team Prostarter also shares that token listing announcement with our community.

About Prostarter

Prostarter is a community-centric and cross-chain IDO launchpad offering projects fundraising, token sales, and many other opportunities for the Crypto community. Cross-chain IDOs, Live Whitelisting, and One Time KYC are some of the core features that make Prostarter a transparent launchpad platform. Furthermore, NFT Marketplace and NFT launchpad are the upcoming developments Prostarter team is working on to bring ride of excitement and creativity for digital artists.

Prostarter Social Channels

Also, follow Prostarter Medium blog to stay tuned about upcoming IDOs and more updates from the platform of Prostarter launchpad.



ProStarter is a professional and transparent DeFi launchpad offering token sales, NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and much more for the Crypto community. #PROT

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ProStarter is a professional and transparent DeFi launchpad offering token sales, NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and much more for the Crypto community. #PROT