Important Notice about AirDrop and Bounty

2 min readMar 26, 2021
Important Notice on $PROT Token AirDrop and Bounty

The trust and safety of our community members matter more than anything which is why we are aiming to provide a professional and transparent DeFi launchpad platform. We believe in a fair and professional working approach. We have recently hired a bounty company ‘AirDrop Detective’ for managing the airdrop and bounty of our PROT token. As the bounty campaign for PROT started, within 2 hours we have found that the AirDrop Detective is a big SCAM. They have started flooding and spamming our Prostarter telegram community with their fake users and bots. The ‘Shieldy Bot’ in our group has started detecting and deleting their fake bots. Following the SCAM by AirDrop Detective, we have parted our ways with that scammer bounty management company and removed all the fake users joined in those two hours of Bounty.

We had paid the bounty management company in advance with ETH but fortunately, $PROT tokens were not sent to them, everything was already discussed but ‘AirDrop Detective’ did not fulfill their commitment and scammed us. We would prefer to go slow and real rather than going at a fast pace with scammers like AirDrop Detective. Long story short, we can’t tolerate any unprofessional and fraudulent behavior as shown by the scammer Bounty management company ‘AirDrop Detective’.

Important Notice

Everyone who had applied for the PROT token bounty would be able to claim a reward by filling this form The form will be available till 27 March, 23:00 UTC. Bounty distribution will be sent on 10th April, 10:00 UTC. Use this PROT Contract Address0x2341Dd0A96a0Dab62Aa1efB93D59FF7F3bDB8932” and be aware of scammers.

From now on, all Airdrops and Bounties will be published and managed on We will not be working with any Airdrop or Bounty management company to bring a fair airdrop and bounty program to our community. Instead, we will be announcing the Airdrop and Bounty on our official website and partner exchanges.

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