Introducing IGOs on Prostarter Launchpad

A new era of excellence and excitement is about to begin as Prostarter will be launching IGOs on its launchpad. 🎮🔥

What is IGO?

IGOs stand for Initial Game Offerings, a dedicated way to raise capital for blockchain games coming up in the Industry, IGOs help blockchain game startups raise funds to cover development, promotion, and other costs to build a solid gaming project for the gaming community.

Why IGOs?

The whole crypto industry is about to change and NFTs will play a bigger role to bring exciting opportunities for everyone in the Crypto space. Nowadays, startups and companies have started utilizing NFTs in gaming to bring more innovation into games. It’s too early to imagine what kind of opportunities NFTs could bring into the whole Crypto industry but NFTs are the future.

Following the new rise of NFTs in Blockchain games, more IGOs should be launched in the industry to give a boost to the whole gaming industry. NFT Blockchain games are not only bringing opportunities for the gaming industry but for gamers as well to play and earn as well. Almost every new NFT game is providing a play-to-earn model for gamers to not only enjoy games but to earn as well.

Prostarter Launching IGOs

Just like all of you, team Prostarter loves NFTs, especially when used in Blockchain games. Following the rise and importance of NFTs in games, Prostarter is about to launch IGOs on its launchpad as well. Team Prostarter believes that we should open doors of new opportunities in the game industry for all gaming startups and gamers.

As per the recent announcement, Monsters Clan is the first-ever IGO that is going to get launched on the Prostarter launchpad. It’s just the start as we will be coming up with more IGOs and exciting news for the whole NFT and gaming industry so stay tuned 😉🤩

About Prostarter

Prostarter is a community-centric and cross-chain IDO launchpad offering projects fundraising, token sales, and many other opportunities for the Crypto community. Cross-chain IDOs, Live Whitelisting, and One Time KYC are some of the core features that make Prostarter a transparent launchpad platform. Furthermore, NFT Marketplace and NFT launchpad are the upcoming developments the Prostarter team is working on to bring ride of excitement and creativity for digital artists.

Prostarter Social Channels

Also, follow Prostarter Medium blog to stay tuned about upcoming IDOs and more updates from the platform of Prostarter launchpad.




ProStarter is a professional and transparent DeFi launchpad offering token sales, NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and much more for the Crypto community. #PROT

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ProStarter is a professional and transparent DeFi launchpad offering token sales, NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and much more for the Crypto community. #PROT

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