Introducing PRO Kings on Prostarter

2 min readMar 19, 2021


Introducing Pro KINGS on Prostarter

We at Prostarter always try to come up with something unique and interesting for our community members. We make sure to bring an easy and convenient approach for our members to use a platform without any hassle. This time we have something exciting and rewarding for our community.

PRO Kings on Prostarter

We are introducing Pro Kings to offer something extra for our members. Being a Pro King on Prostarter is something special. In order to be a Pro King, you will have to hold a specific amount of $PROT tokens on this transparent DeFi launchpad platform. Let’s find out what are the advantages of being a Pro King on Prostarter.

Benefits of Being a Prostarter

As stated earlier, Pro Kings will have more benefits over other members of Prostarter. Let’s discuss Prostarter benefits one by one.

1- Confirm Allocation in Whitelisting

One of the core advantages Pro Kings will have is that they will get one guaranteed allocation in every project IDO. Kings will be able to grab one guaranteed allocation without even participating in the whitelisting process.

2- Direct Allocation

Prostarter will be building partnerships and collaborating with different companies. Our collaborators and partners will be offering their tokens to promote their projects. Only PRO Kings will be able to receive those tokens given by our collaborators or partners.

3- Governance Vote

Last but not least, Pro Kings will be able to play their part in deciding the final selection of Premium blockchain projects on Prostarter. Along with the team of Prostarter, Pro Kings will finalize the selection process of projects through their vote.

Besides these 3 at the start, we will be coming up with some more features and benefits for our Pro King members. Join Prostarter on Twitter, Discussion Group, and Announcements Channel for upcoming exciting news and updates about the project.




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