Introducing Prostarter — A Professional and Transparent DeFi Cross-chain Platform

Prostarter — A Professional and Transparent DeFi Cross-chain Platform

Gone those days when investors and businessmen used to do business on the centralized exchange. Due to lots of fraud issues and no transparency, we’ve seen a huge shift of market shares from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges. There is no doubt that DeFi is the future especially when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. DeFi projects like UniSwap and Compound brought a lot of trading volume to the market of Cryptocurrency.

Following the transparency and popularity of DEX, we are introducing a ProStarter. Prostarter is a cross-chain and community-centric DeFi platform launching its own token $PROT. Our developers have worked hard to make sure that the system is fully transparent to avoid any kind of scam. Not only Prostarter is launching the PROT token but also coming up with lots of new and equal opportunities for all of our crypto community members.

Every one of us wants safe, fast, and cheap transactions along with moving assets on a cross-chain platform. We won’t compromise when it comes to the security of our crypto community. Prostarter has made moving and buying assets between blockchains way professional and convenient. Prostarter would pick only premium and well-deserved projects to help them raise funds through their tokens on this DeFi cross-chain platform.

Prostarter — LIVE IDO Whitelisting

One of the unique and core features of Prostarter is that it offers ‘Live IDO Whitelisting’. The common phenomenon is that almost all of those who won’t get selected in the whitelisting always raise questions about the transparency of the system. We have introduced the concept of live whitelisting to bring a fair and transparent selection process in whitelisting.

The team of Prostarter has made sure that members of Prostarter don’t face any kind of hassle as they face on other platforms. In order to provide more ease and convenience to our members, we’ve brought the concept of ‘One Time KYC’ which means you would have to enter your details to get KYC verified just for once unlike submitting separate KYCs for every project on other platforms. From the user interface to transactions, fundraising to whitelisting, every single thing in Prostarter reflects professionalism and transparency. Join Prostarter Twitter, Discussion Group, and Announcements Channel for upcoming exciting news and updates about the project.



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ProStarter is a professional and transparent DeFi launchpad offering token sales, NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and much more for the Crypto community. #PROT