Introducing Technical Prostarter Roadmap 2020–2021

Technical Prostarter Roadmap 2020–2021

Following the rise of the DEX market, Prostarter has been introduced with an aim to bring a transparent and professional DeFi launchpad platform for everyone. We believe in providing new and equal opportunities for every member of our Crypto community. Prostarter is coming up with the new token $PROT along with token sales, NFT marketplace with launchpad, projects fundraising, token swaps, and much more.

The team of Prostarter believes in putting everything fair and clear for everyone which is why we are excited to share the Prostarter roadmap with all of you. Every phase has been planned following all professional and market measures in the better interest of our members. At Prostarter, we make sure to share all our coming projects and plans with our community. Let’s have a look at the technical roadmap of Prostatrter.

Technical Roadmap Prostarter

The first most priority of the Prostarter team is to share every plan and project with our community. We believe in growing together in a hassle-free and seamless DeFi launchpad platform. Presenting you an overall roadmap of Prostarter to let all of you know how much the Prostarter team is committed to a better DeFi future.

Technical Roadmap of Prostarter
Technical Roadmap of Prostarter

2020 Q4

Bringing an idea of a transparent DeFi launchpad platform is what Prostarter is all about. This phase is where we brought the concept of Prostarter, a permissionless DEX cross-chain launchpad. A professional team of Prostarter has gone through detailed research of market trends and analyzed things on a professional note.

2021 Q1

The team is what drives everything as planned which is why we have worked on building a whole team of professionals and experienced individuals to take our concept professionally in the Crypto market. Our developers have completed building a Prostarter website in the first quarter of 2021 as per the roadmap.

2021 Q2

Following the development completion, we have launched the website of Prostarter live for all of our Crypto community members. Now, all of you would be able to experience the idea of Prostarter right on your screens.

Following the launch of Prostarter, we have started working on our marketing strategy and building partnerships as per planning. Along with marketing, we will start hosting premium projects fundraising through whitelisting, token sales, and many other activities on the Prostarter launchpad. We have brought the integration of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on the platform of Prostarter. Our team will be launching the launchpad of Prostarter to host all IDO applications on our platform.

2021 Q3

We believe in opening new doors and creating new possibilities with Prostarter. Besides Etherum, we will be offering multiple chain networks on our platform to make a whole Prostarter interoperable and reliable platform. TRC launch is another milestone that the Prostarter team is working on to bring TRON integration for project IDOs on Prostarter.

2021 Q4

In order to keep contributing to our crypto community, we have to fulfill our responsibility of making Prostarter optimized and scalable. Bringing quality and professional DeFi platform is what Prostarter is all about. Our team would make sure that everything in Prostarter is running smoothly and as per users’ expectations.

Welcoming NFTs

Another BIG thing that we will be introducing for our community in 2021 Q4 is the “NFT Marketplace”. We know how much NFTs are going to play a big role in the Crypto market. The team of Prostarter is looking forward to providing a platform to all NFT creators and digital artists to sell their art through the NFT marketplace. Besides launching the NFT marketplace, we will be hosting NFT competitions on Prorstarter to grow NFTs in the market rapidly.

Following the roadmap, we are welcoming all of you to submit your feedback, suggestions, or queries to make Prostarter a way professional DeFi launchpad platform.

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