Prostarter 2.0 Around The Corner

2 min readDec 8, 2022

Prostarter launchpad is what the community trusts and believes on for launching high-quality projects. Back in August 2022, we opened community suggestions for people to give their suggestions for the betterment of Prostarter. Now team prostarter is coming up with a revolution in the ecosystem of Prostarter launchpad where projects launch is about to get more transparent and decentralized.


Team Prostarter always has a special focus on overcoming issues In recent times, team Prostarter has figured out many gaps and issues that the market has faced with projects launching. Trust and decentralization have faded away due to the typical approach of launching projects in the market. We’ve analyzed that the conventional market practices are not that effective anymore and there is a big lack of implementation of decentralization.

We feel that community trust is our main priority and we should live up to this commitment for a better future in web 3.0. Top quality and long-term projects are the future as a contribution towards a sustainable web 3.0 ecosystem.


Following the issues and gaps in the recent market, team Prostarter is coming with a Prostarter 2.0 to ensure that projects launch become more professional and transparent. We’re revolutionizing the whole way of launching web 3.0 projects into the market. We’re about to adopt a special framework that defines the path for launching successful IDOs and NFT projects into the market.

Prostarter 2.0 is around the corner and the team is about to present Prostarter 2.0 to the community in the upcoming days. One thing is for sure, the community is about to love Prostarter 2.0.

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