Sugar Kingdom IGO Whitelisting is Now Open on Prostarter

What is Sugar Kingdom?

Sugar Kingdom $CANDY IGO Details

  • Total Worth of $CANDY Tokens: $50,000
  • Total $CANDY Tokens: 312,500
  • Price per $CANDY Token: $0.16
  • $CANDY Allocation for PROT Pool: 90%
  • $CANDY Allocation for Public Pool: 10%
  • Max Allocation $200
  • Min Allocation $150
  • Vesting: Total Unlock in 5 MONTHS: 20% release on TGE, remaining 80% in 4 months (20% Per month)
  • The Sugar Kingdom project is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network so winners will have to use BNB to buy/claim their allocation.

How to Apply for $CANDY IGO Whitelisting

Important Information

  • No invalid BEP-20/ERC20 addresses, Telegram handles, or Twitter accounts
  • Entries by bots will not be accepted.
  • Entries with duplicate identities will be rejected.
  • Entries without following the required steps will not be accepted.
  • IGO Whitelisting for token $CANDY will be held live on the Prostarter launchpad on the announced date.
  • Once whitelisted, users will be given 24 hours to buy their allocation and to pass the KYC process.

About Sugar Kingdom

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