Welcoming Cross Chain IDOs on Prostarter

Welcoming Cross Chain IDOs on Prostarter

The team of Prostarter is always gearing up to come up with new and exciting opportunities for our crypto community. We are aiming to make an environment of trust and a productive launchpad platform to grow together in the era of DeFi.

Cross Chain IDOs on Prostarter

We are excited to announce that Prostarter will be hosting IDOs on its launchpad. Blockchain is the future and there are many startups looking forward to building some amazing blockchain apps. We know how much it takes to craft your idea into reality which is why we are welcoming all of you to host your premium-blockchain projects for IDO on the Prostarter launchpad.

$PROT is built on ETH (Ethereum Blockchain Network) but Prostarter launchpad is welcoming all IDOs based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain whereas support for TRON-based IDOs is coming soon. Let’s find out the process of applying for project IDO on Prostarter.

How to Apply for IDO on Prostarter

The platform of Prostarter is offering a helping hand to all of you who want to raise funds for your blockchain projects. Applying for IDO on the Prostarter launchpad is way simple and can be done following easy steps.

Step 1

Visit the official website Prostarter.io and click on the ‘Apply for IDO’ button to sign up for the IDO application.

Step 2

Fill in the signup form and get your email verified to login into your Prostarter account.

Step 3

After you log in to your account dashboard, click on the ‘Submit an Application’ tab to start the IDO application process. Keep following all on-screen instructions and fill in the required fields to submit your project IDO application on the Prostarter platform.

After you submit your blockchain project for IDO on Prostarter, Prostarter stakeholders will review and decide the selection of your submitted project. Upon selection of your project’s IDO, Prostarter’s representative will contact you through email for further discussion. For any type or query or question, you may ask the team of Prostarter through messaging Prostarter on any of the given social accounts.

For getting more info about IDO application submission, check out the video on the Prostarter youtube channel.

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