What Makes Prostarter Unique From Other DeFi Launchpad Platforms

Prostarter — A Transparent and community-centric DeFi Launchpad Platform

All of us know how blockchain has revolutionized the world of technology. Developers and companies have started using blockchain to provide transparency in their apps or products. From investors to startups, everyone knows that Blockchain is the future. Prostarter is a transparent and community-centric DeFi launchpad. Prostarter has launched its own token $PROT and emerging as the professional launchpad for token sales.

Many startups and companies have started building blockchain-based projects which is a good thing for the future. Many of them are startups and don’t have enough funds to afford the development cost of their blockchain projects. That’s where our Prostarter will act as a bridge between investors and startup companies. We will go through some of the core features of the Prostarter launchpad to know how it is better than other DeFi platforms.

What Makes Prostarter a Unique and Transparent DeFi Platform

As we are having new developments in the Crypto world on a daily basis and scammers are always on the work for fraud. Bringing transparency in any project might be challenging but it’s not impossible. At Prostarter, we make sure that we provide a transparent DeFi platform for investors, startups, and our whole Crypto community. Long story short, let’s have a look at the core features of Prostarter to know how this cross-chain launchpad is different from others.

  • Live IDO Whitelisting
  • Time-Bound Guaranteed Allocation
  • One Time KYC
  • Premium Projects
  • PRO Kings
  • NFT Marketplace with Launchpad

1- Live IDO Whitelisting

As many of you would be familiar with the concept of whitelisting that covers token sales and fundraising for blockchain projects. Almost all DeFi launchpads host IDOs for all of those who want to raise funds for their projects by selling their tokens at a low price. The issue with other DeFi platforms is that no one can see their whitelisting selection process, not even the participants. In the end, members who don’t win in the whitelisting always raise concerns and questions on the transparency of that DeFi launchpad.

Live IDO Whitelisting on Prostarter
Live IDO Whitelisting on Prostarter

Following all these issues, Prostarter is coming up with the Live IDO Whitelisting to clear all kinds of trustlessness and transparency concerns. Prostarter will bring the live whitelisting of every project for a random and fair selection process. The unique thing is that both public and private members will be able to see this whitelisting process live on their screens. From lottery time to members list, wallet addresses to live selection, everything has been implemented professionally to bring fair whitelisting.

2- Time-Bound Guaranteed Allocation

Another thing that many of you may have faced is missing token allocation by just a few seconds. There could be nothing worse than getting your wallet address selected in the whitelisting and then you miss claiming your tokens by a few seconds. Prostarter is coming up with a Time-Bound Guaranteed Allocation feature to give you a separate time for a token allocation after you win in the whitelisting. Without any discrimination between private and public members, you would be given equal time for token allocation on your selection in whitelisting.

Time Bound Guaranteed Allocation in Whitelisting on Prostarter
Time Bound Guaranteed Allocation in Whitelisting on Prostarter

3- One Time KYC

In every DeFi platform, you must submit KYC to get your information verified before you participate in any token sale or project’s IDO. This thing of separate KYC submission is what irritates every member on the DeFi launchpad platform. At Prostarter, we make sure to bring ease and convenience to our members. With One Time KYC on Prostarter, you would have to submit your KYC and get the information verified just for once. There will be no separate KYC submissions which means using a DeFi cross-chain launchpad platform has become way easy and hassle-free like never before.

One Time KYC on Prostarter
One Time KYC on Prostarter

4- Premium Projects

Prostarter believes in providing fair and equal opportunities to all of our investors. The platform of Prostarter will bring only premium and well-deserved projects to provide golden investment opportunities for our investors. We provide a proper platform for all startups and companies to raise funds for their premium-quality blockchain projects. Quality matters more than quantity, we at Prostarter select blockchain projects based on the idea and growth potential. We want all of the investors to always invest in quality and professional blockchain projects. Based on our governance model, we will go through the detailed and transparent project selection process.

5- PRO Kings

Prostarter is coming up with PRO Kings, something rewarding and exciting for our community. In order to be a PRO King, you would have to hold the specific amount of PROT tokens set by the platform. Here are the following two benefits of being a PRO King on Prostarter.

  • Guaranteed Allocation without Whitelisting

One of the main advantages Kings will have on Prostarter is that they will get a guaranteed token allocation from every project hosted for fundraising on Prostarter. PRO Kings will be able to secure guaranteed token allocation without participating in projects’ IDO whitelisting.

  • Token Allocation in Collaborative Projects of Prostarter

Prostarter will be building partnerships and collaborating with many companies that want to promote their projects. Only Kings will have a share in the tokens given by our collaborators for the Prostarter community.

  • Prostarter Governance Vote

Another advantage Kings will have over other Prostarter members is the power to vote. Along with the Prostarter team, Pro Kings will be able to decide the selection of premium blockchain projects through their votes.

6- NFT Marketplace with Launchpad

NFT is one of the hottest and trending topics in the Crypto community, the future is going to be all about NFTs. Following the rise of NFT popularity, we are introducing the NFT marketplace with a launchpad for all of the NFT creators and digital artists. From now on, every one of you would be able to create NFTs and sell on the NFT launchpad by Prostarter.

NFT Marketplace with launchpad on Prostarter
NFT Marketplace with launchpad on Prostarter

The team of Prostarter is on the mission to bring new and interesting opportunities to our community. Presenting the NFT marketplace to provide an ideal and professional platform for everyone who wants to sell or buy NFTs. Selling and buying NFTs has become convenient and professional with Prostarter more than ever. From minting to buying and selling, digital artists and creators will be able to get a lot from Prostarter’s own NFT marketplace.

Besides these 6, the Prostarter team is looking forward to providing more features and benefits for our Crypto community. Along with launching its $PROT token, Prostarter is welcoming IDOs on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and TRON blockchain networks. Follow Prostarter on all social accounts to stay updated about the upcoming NFT marketplace and the launchpad.

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