You Asked, We Listened. 25 Million $PROT Tokens Burnt

25 Million $PROT Tokens Burnt , Prostarter

Following the start of the Private sale and Pre-sale round 1 of $PROT on 30th March 2021, we have received an overwhelming response from our community. We would like to thank every one of you who has participated or is going to participate in the $PROT token sale. The platform of Prostarter has raised more than $750,000 till now and counting which shows the trust and solid support of our community for Prostarter.

We always listen to our community which is why we have burnt the 25M tokens on the insistence of our Prostarter community. After burning 25 million tokens, the total token supply of $PROT is now 75 million and 25M $PROT tokens will be sold in the market. Following the burn of 25M $PROT tokens, the vesting schedule has been updated accordingly for the long-term benefits of our community. Refer to the whitepaper or investment deck to have a look at the updated $PROT vesting schedule. Check out the screenshot proofs of burning 25M $PROT and the updated total supply of $PROT tokens.

25M $PROT Tokens Burnt

Transaction Link:

Updated $PROT Token Supply

Updated $PROT Token Supply
Updated $PROT Token Supply

Don’t miss the chance to grab $PROT before it’s too late. Stay tuned as we are about to welcome IDO applications on the platform of Prostarter in a few days. Exciting things coming ahead so join us on our social accounts given below.

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